Summer Grime, Anyone?

I've found the nicest remedy for the grossness that is August in New York, in the form of the SubLime Organic Coconut Lime Scrub* and the RefershMint Organic Body Oil*, both from the Organic Bath Co.  At the end of the day, I scrubscrubscrub with the soothing, moisturizing dirt-removing scrub.  Then just out of the shower I apply the body oil on wet skin.  The peppermint is so cooling and the smell so fresh.  I feel born anew!

I know body oils can get a little pricey.  Most of us are not used to spending that much on body care.  Why not try finding a nice unscented moisturizing cream, and adding a few drops of peppermint?  I really like this one from Acure.  Or a simple bottle of jojoba oil.


*These products were given to me as a registration gift from The Well Summit, coming to Boston in November.  I'll be there!  Anyone else?