In Our House: Children's Skincare

Snuggly Dinosaur, Elephantie, Bunny, and Mr. Fox love Babo, too!

Snuggly Dinosaur, Elephantie, Bunny, and Mr. Fox love Babo, too!

Holy crap is there anything softer than baby skin?   So smooth, chubby and delicious!  I’m not sure my husband and I ever explicitly discussed how we would care for my daughter’s skin, but it seemed to go without saying that we would use a moisturizer after every bath.  Little one’s skin looses moisture, too, and the ritual of protecting her skin is super sweet. A massage therapist for a Daddy is a pretty great thing for a baby, and has led to many adorable lovefests.  Of course, that was when she was a baby who would (theoretically) stay put.  Now that she’s four, it is more of a slap and dash affair, rubbing her down as she darts around the room!  Over the years there have been some stand-out products

Our long standing go-to cream is the Calming Baby Lotion from Babo Botanicals. The coconut oil/cocoa butter/shea butter combination is deeply moisturizing, and the lavender is beautifully calming (if there's anything that can calm a four year old who knows lights-out is imminent.)   The  scent is deep and complex.  We’ve used it so much it’s become her “signature scent”! 

Lately we’ve been using coconut oil more regularly, despite my aversion to the smell.  I've put my dislike aside, because Bean thinks the texture is hilarious, and adores putting it on herself.  It’s a slippery, shiny, wiggly process, but it satisfies the four year old crazies, while keeping her skin calm and soft, and keeps the winter itchiness at bay.

Jojoba is another great option.  It’s not as slick and messy as coconut oil, so a little less funny, but it works wonders.

Now, Bean doesn’t really need a fancy face oil, like, at all.  However she has gone crazy for the smell of my Skin Owl Mangosteen Oil, so we often put on the “candy oil”.  Once again, she loves putting it on her own face.  

One of the greatest joys of having completely converted to green beauty is that with a couple of exceptions, I feel totally comfortable letting Isla use any of my products.  They’re safe for me AND safe for her.  How great is that?  I mean, can you imagine letting your kid use a conventional face cream?  No way!  So if you wouldn’t put it on your kid, why would you put it on yourself?