Review: Moon Valley Organics

We began this week with the wild energy of the Harvest-Blood-Super-Eclipse Moon, and I thought appropriate to end the week with another beautiful moon: Moon Valley Organics.

Earlier this summer, faced with a few rare moments of alone time, I found myself, as all good Green Beauties do, browsing through the beauty selection at a health food store.   I happily stumbled on the Moon Melt Lotion Bar, by Moon Valley Organics.  Oh. My. God.  The folksy sophistication of the package blew me away.  And the evocative quality of the phrase Moon Valley…I needed to know more. So I dashed home and placed an order for several more products, and am so in love!  

Let’s start with the packaging, because wow!  The unusual colors and images really speak to me, but what thrills me most is the commitment to sustainability.  The boxes are custom sized, made from 100% post-consumer content and use no plastic whatsoever, not even a sticker to close the box, instead relying on a far more beautiful tab.  The tube and tins are made entirely from post-consumer material, and are fully recyclable, including the caps.  When I see this level of attention paid to the packaging, I’m always hopeful that the products will be equally thoughtful.  And boy does MVO deliver!  They call their farm a “farmacy” where they grow all of their own medicinal herbs.  They are 100% USDA Certified Organic, and are formulated by highly credentialed herbalists.  In short, the real deal. 

Their self-proclaimed principles are: 

  • "Use only sustainable, organic ingredients
  • Use packaging that does the least harm recycled, renewable, recyclable
  • Select botanical varieties that hold the highest medicinal quality
  • Use traditional formulas
  • Made from nature"

On to the products, no?  My favorite product is the Rejuvenating Rub.  I’ve used it to help rehabilitate my broken finger, I’ve used it on my daughter’s endless string of summertime bruised abrasions. I’ve used it as a massage balm. I’ve used it on my sore yoga-weary muscles.  And it relieves them all!  Containing arnica, calendula, comfrey and lavender and mint, it’s a full-body minor-pain reliever par excellence.  

The Peppermint Foot Rub also does it’s job beautifully.  We’re accustomed to conventional foot creams making your feet tingly.  That’s a nice enough sensation, but one that definitely makes me question the ingredients causing the tingling!  With the Moon Valley Rub I felt an immediate lightness of foot.  The heaviness of the long day was just gone.  Kind of amazing, and definitely addicting!

I ordered the Mint and Sea Mineral Cleansing Body Bar on a whim (well, I was probably seduced by the color.)  I have dry skin, and for years have avoided soap.  It just leaves me so dry.  Something about the description sounded moisturizing, plus I love the inclusion of spirulina and kelp, so I took the plunge.  And I’m so glad I did!  I find the bar invigorating yet soothing to my skin. A total win, but potentially hazardous to my wallet, since now a whole new product category may be back on the table!

Finally the Moon Melt Lotion Bar in Bergamot Geranium.  I can’t stop drooling over the tin that houses it!  It’s recyclable, but I plan to use it for treasures when the bar is gone!  The lotion itself is imprinted with the beautiful moon logo.  I mean…I’m already melting!  I had hoped to use the bar as an all-over deep moisturizer, but found that it was a bit too tacky for my whole body.  Instead I’ve been using it to wonderful effect on the perennially tough areas like cuticles, elbows, knees and heels.  And the smell is divine, deep and present.  It lingers.

So basically, I showed up for the packaging, and am staying for the efficacy of each and every product, and the family-minded, sustainability ethos of the brand.  This wonderful company deserves your support, or maybe even your devotion!

[Spoiler alert: Scroll down to see the beautiful interior of the packaging.  Or don't, and be surprised!]