Review: W3LL PEOPLE Helps You Make the Green Beauty Switch!

My totally amazing, and totally camera UN-ready collection. 

My totally amazing, and totally camera UN-ready collection. 

Are you making/considering making the switch to Green Beauty, but don’t really know where to start with your makeup?  Well, look no further than W3ll People!  They are 100% natural, using organics whenever available.  Founded by a world class makeup artist, a dermatologist, and a sustainable commerce expert, they create products that are modern, safe, and that WORK. This brand has got it going on, and here are some of my favorites:

Expressionist Mascara  This is such a huge concern for those of us making the switch.  Non-toxic mascaras are not historically known to live up to their toxic counterparts in the performance department.  But W3ll People mascara shatters that perception.  Honestly, it’s as good as any conventional mascara I ever used.   It’s black black black and doesn’t budge.  Plus -and this is not a small thing- the oils and waxes in the formula are actually GOOD for your lashes.  Two years into wearing clean mascara, and my lashes are stronger and longer than they’ve ever been.  

Narcissist Foundation  Amazing.  I had never used a foundation stick because they seemed so dry, but this is full of beautiful skin-perfecting oils, and it glides right on.  Spill-proof, travels with ease, takes no time to apply.  The coverage is light, your skin but better, and can be built to more substantial coverage.  I just draw it all over my face, blend, and go.  Many people could also use this as a concealer, although I need something with a bit more coverage.  My one complaint is that it seems rather limited in the darker end of the spectrum, but perhaps they will develop more colors over time. 

Universalist Multi-Stick Matte 8 (dusty rose) is maybe my favorite product of all.  I was not in the market for a blush, but snapped this up the minute I tried it.  Creamy, blends beautifully, and the color!  It’s the perfect peachy-pinky super flattering color of my dreams.  A bit like Nars Orgasm, but without the shimmer and the parabens. 

Bio-Brightener Invisible Powder I am not a huge powder wearer, but I received a sample of this, and I love it for setting concealer.  It really is invisible, and feels like nothing, but takes away any unwanted shine.

Elitist Eyeshadow 88 (sparkling plum) I’m not gonna lie.  Loose mineral powders are ubiquitous in the Green Beauty world, and for me it’s been a bit of a learning curve.  I’ve finally got the hang of picking up the right amount of powder on my brush and this color is so rad.  It’s purple, so super it’s flattering to just about any complexion/eye color.   It’s got a depth to it not apparent in product images.  There’s a lot of gray, and it creates a beautiful daytime semi-smoky look. 

Nudist Colorbalm  This is my latest W3ll People purchase, and it rocks!  Like the name says, it’s a highly colored balm, but not nearly as pigmented as a lipstick.  I tend to focus on my eye makeup, and this is a fantastic balance: shine and color, but not too much.  It’s great for everyone’s favorite no-makeup makeup look!  I love the peachy color #1, but really pick your favorite, they’re all gorgeous.  I’d been thinking about this one for awhile, and my only regret is not buying it sooner.  

And here’s the great thing…W3ll People is now available at Target!  Now listen, I have some issues with Target, and I’m also really committed to supporting the smaller companies who sell Green Beauty.  But in terms of accessibility for those of you who do not have purveyors nearby, this is amazing news!  You can also purchase W3ll People at some of my favorite Green Beauty stores: Integrity Botanicals and EcoDiva.

This product line is so complete, so excellent across the board, you really can’t go wrong. What are your favorite W3ll People products?  What do you want to try first?