Review: Skin Owl Mangosteen Beauty Drops PM

Back in the old days, before the internet and all it’s companion changes, my sister and I used to fantasize about being able to see each other when we talked on the phone.  We thought it was the most futuristic idea imaginable. Well now of course, we FaceTime each other several times a week, and we’ve turned our tech fantasies toward something new: Smell-O-Vision.  We long to share scents over the phone.  Dinners, perfumes, baby skin.

And never do I wish for Smell-O-Vision more than when trying to describe to you the utter magic that is Skin Owl’s Mangosteen Beauty Drops PM.  Created with two powerful, rare oils, Baobab (I’ve loved it here as well) and Mangosteen, the scent is heady, complex, tropical, floral, fruity and utterly captivating.  I just can’t stop sniffing it.  My husband thinks it smells like Skittles, and we use it on my daughter calling it “candy oil.”  Shy, it is not, and the scent lingers until I have fallen asleep. And when I awake?  That’s when the real magic has happened.  My skin is bright, well-rested looking (a total fake out) and more even-toned. 

The secret is a phytonutrient called xanthone found in mangosteens, a rare fruit native to Southeast Asia (Vietnam in particular for Skin Owl).  Xanthones are powerfully oxygenating, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory.  As a result, this powerhouse serum addresses a plethora of skin problems from lackluster skin, to dryness, to blemishes.  A true multi-tasker.  Often products that work so powerfully can feel a bit too much on my skin.  But Skin Owl is efficacious without being overly aggressive.  I use it when I need a gentle oil AND when I need great skin the next day.  That, my friends, is as close to perfect as oil gets.  

I appreciate that this oil is moderately priced.  At $85 for a bottle, it’s not inexpensive, but it is a full 2oz, twice the size of most oils on the market.  

Are you sold?  Grab a bottle here or here, and get ready for easier mornings!  Let me know how in love you are!

   How gorgeous is this fruit?!


How gorgeous is this fruit?!