Sunday Self Love: A Green Beauty Gift Guide

Sunday. A day to rest, to wrap yourself in a robe, take a little better care of yourself.  Maybe it has to wait till the kids are in bed, but still...

1. Handmade Linen Robe by House of Baltic Linen $111

2. Soy Wax Candle by Meow Meow Tweet $28

3. Linden-Rose Organic Herbal Tea by Lov Organic $15

4. Subscription to Thoughtfully Magazine $32

5. Herbal Detoxifying Steam by Apoterra $22

6. Facial Balm: Restore Nightly by Laurel Whole Plant Organics $88

7. Whole Lotta Roses probiotic mask by R.L. Linden $56

8. Hot Tub Bath by Pursoma $36