Green Reverie arrives!

I’m so happy you’ve found your way to this small sliver of the internet, written in my intimate corner of this vastly beautiful, connected world.  Each of us is so small, and yet our actions are writ so large.  The way we care for ourselves and our planet is of enormous importance.

I created this blog as a challenge: To live our lives in a way that expands our understanding of each other and the world around us, to live lives of deeper green and better choices.  I created this blog as a celebration: To explore and proclaim the growing and shining community that supports us in these challenges.  And I created this blog to empower: To discover and provide the tools we need to live up to our aspirations.

I envision this space, filled with equal parts exploration, indignation, and inspiration, guiding us toward:

Beauty products made from beautiful ingredients.

Cleaning products made from clean ingredients.

Products that use the best of what our natural world provides us, rather than adulterated facsimiles that harm us.  

Products that are created by small, transparent businesses who have your best self in mind when they imagine.  

Daily practices that address the pitfalls of overconsumption and disposability.  

A growing connection to the earth and one another that these products and practices can provide, even (and perhaps especially) for those of us living in large cities where we cannot see the stars.

Now, do yourself a favor and click over to Dylan Thomas, and Fern Hill, the truest Green Reverie, full of joy and remorse, celebration and yearning.