Review: Odacité Baobab Sarsaparilla Serum Concentrate


When my daughter was born almost 4 years ago (how is that possible?!?), my skincare routine went into a downward spiral.  It was practically non-existent.    

When I finally began emerging from the baby haze, I took a hard look at my face in the mirror.  I could see many things.  I could see shining love, I could see my daughter’s face, and I could also see neglect. Sleeplessness, lack of self care, and a poor diet had left the skin around my eyes dull, wrinkled and it was aging me terribly.  My toddler was sleeping better, I was eating better.  Now, a serious eye cream was in order. 

I tried a couple of creams that were seriously underwhelming.  They were moisturizing, but little else.  I’ve inherited these crow’s feet, and I’m totally fine with them.  But I knew I didn’t have to live with the dullness.

Enter Odacité, a super clean brand that stresses freshness and efficacy, using only organic or wildcrafted ingredients that are cruelty-free.  Each item has a “Freshiency Date,” the window of time during which the ingredients share their most efficacious properties.  Without the preservatives found in conventional brands, this becomes vitally important.  In short, Odacité is doing everything right!   I’d been longing to try one of their products, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to do so.

I chose the Baobab Sarsaparilla Serum Concentrate.  The two highlighted ingredients, Baobab and Sarsaparilla, deliver a potent one-two punch.  Baobab oil is highly moisturizing, and increases elasticity, while Sarsaparilla has anti-inflammatory properties, and reduces fluid retention.  The instructions suggest either adding a few drops to your eye cream, or for a more intensive treatment, using the oil directly on the eye area.  I’m blessed with skin that is not easily aggravated, and I needed intense help, so of course, I took the intensive route, applying 1 drop (yep that’s it) morning and night. 

The results?  So. Good.  So good so good so good.  The crow’s feet are not gone. They’re never going to be, nor would I want them to be.  But now they are softer, and the whole area more radiant.  Makeup goes on smoothly.  I look well rested, even though I never am.  I’m completely smitten.  I even gave my sister a bottle for her 40th birthday. It’s milestone-worthy. 

The complete ingredients are: Highest-grade cold-pressed certified virgin wildcrafted Baobab (Adansonia digitata) seed oil, Sarsaparilla, Palmarosa, Lavender, Neroli, Roman chamomile, Sandalwood, Geranium, Bisabolol (Hemidesmus indicus, Cymbopogon martinii, Lavandula angustifolia, Citrus aurantium, Anthemis nobilis, Santalum spicatum, Pelargonium graveolens, Vanillomopsis erythropappa) essential oils, Certified GMO free Vitamin E (Tocopherols) oil.

 I can’t wait to try their other products.  I’m thinking the Green Tea Lemongrass might be next…

Have you used Odacité?  Which are your favorites?