Round Up: Valentine's Day for Green Beauties

1. One Love Organics Cleansing Sponge in rose clay $10: So much cooler than chocolate!

2. Naja Mila Culotte Sparrow Knickers $22: Wear them for yourself or for someone else, either way, they're so rad.

3. Little Box of Rocks in Moonstone (Romance) $35: Raise those passionate vibes!  You can even include a secret (naughty?) note!

4. Modern Minerals Lip Gloss in Goddess $24: Modern Minerals x Lotus Wei x Rebecca Casciano?  How much more perfect could one lip gloss be?

5. Lotus Wei Flower Remedies in Infinite Love $30-$125: Unconditional love attracter and self-love magnifier extraordinaire.

6. Sustain Condoms from $14: Be safe out there, kids!  A responsible and sustainable condom company?  Smoking' hot!

7. Sunpotion Anandamide $26: Raw Cacao and tonic herbs.  Heart opener and mood booster!  Drink hot or cold, or my favorite, mixed with almond butter on toast!

8. Shiva Rose Venus Amber Body Oil $60: Lush and elegant oil, infused with rose quartz crystals, THE crystal of love.