I'm (almost) Back!

Hello, Dear Ones!  Please forgive me for the long radio-silence from Green Reverie.  For the past several months I have been consumed with the details of my family’s move.  Not just a move, a relocation, from New York City where I lived for almost twenty years, to a small town Upstate, population: 610.  My life has become infused with the lush green of the Hudson Valley in summer, with the dappled sunlight through the trees, with space.  I’ve also become a driver, and am suffering driver’s guilt daily, and my pedometer app has clocked the fewest steps by far of any month yet, even Januaries.  

Additionally, I left my job of sixteen years and am now simply Mom.  Full Time Mom, Stay at Home Mom, both phrases rub me the wrong way, but that’s the understood shorthand for the role I’m playing in this new season of my life.  I feel so grateful to be able to be physically present to help ease my daughter through this huge transition.  It’s a choice not everyone is free to make, and we are making huge sacrifices so that it is possible.  But wow, talk about a radical re-definition of the self.  

So to say my life has changed, to say I’ve been processing a lot, to say my attention has been away from this blog, well, yes.  But the tide is turning…

Today I’m off on the early bus to attend the Indie Beauty Expo! This was a fantastic event last year, where I was introduced to many brands and brand owners.  I’m psyched to be connecting with some of my Green Beauty Ladies, and to get play with all those great products!  More on this event will be coming soon.

More on many things will be coming soon!  School will be starting up in a couple of weeks, and I have my sights set on re-invigorating this space.  I swear I’ll finish the half-written articles, jotted down on my phone while my daughter was briefly absorbed in a project.  I will bring my Green Beauty Librarian series to fullness, answering the many questions you have asked me.  I will start sharing some of the ways I use DIY beauty products, and I will open up the discussion a bit to share more about the sustainability efforts I make in my life, beyond the realm of beauty.  

Thank you for your patience with my long absence, and for reading this slightly self-indulgent post.  I was up at 5:30 this morning, and felt strongly I owed you beautiful readers an explanation.  I’ll be back soon!

With gratitude,