Sacred Beauty Salon Series: A Green Beauty Workshop with Rebecca Casciano

image courtesy of rebecca casciano

image courtesy of rebecca casciano

Foundation can be tricky, right?  I mean after (ahem) 42 years on the planet, scores of magazine articles and countless trips to the makeup counter, I am reasonably capable of finding the right shade and applying it.  But man, when it comes to foundation, you’ve really got to try before you buy!  Being committed to Green Beauty makes this a bit difficult.  Even in the NYC area I would need to visit several stores to find my brands of interest.  And last spring, with a 3.5 year old at home, I just didn’t have that kind of time.  And to be honest, since the arrival of said munchkin, foundation had pretty much fallen by the wayside.  So when I came across Rebecca Casciano’s Sacred Beauty Salon Series, I jumped at the chance to try several formulations in one go, and to find a “Makeup Artist approved” shade.  That’s what I wanted, but what I received ended up being immeasurably more.

Rebecca is a highly respected Green Beauty expert who’s work is featured in Thoughtfully Magazine, Well + Good, and as the Artist in Residence at Savor Spa.  She is also a Wellness Coach, and one of the loveliest people I’ve been given the chance to meet, and the afternoons I spent in her Salon still reverberate, 6 months later. 

Through her grace, knowledge and resounding kindness, Rebecca created a space for us to gather and examine our relationship to beauty in thought provoking and powerful ways.  I have to say I was shocked that a room full of strangers could open up with each other so quickly and easily. But this is Rebecca’s gift.  She created exercises and asked questions that both exposed our deep beliefs and held us safe.  We examined the foundations of our own experience and notions of beauty, how they support us and how they hold us back. There was a warmth and glow cocooning us that was real, that was honest, and that was deeply feminine.   To this day, I can focus back on the sensation of those hours, and feel the fission of real connection.

After communing for the first half of the session, Rebecca broke out the makeup, and we all joyfully dove in!  This grown-up girl play couldn't have been more fun, and I found the best foundation I’ve ever used!  (More on that here.)  

In our closing moments, Rebecca gave us each a piece of Rose Quartz, the crystal of unconditional love.  Holding that stone,  I can feel the powerful vibrations of love in that room as we parted.

The second session, Seeing Beauty, was equally wonderful, exploring the ways we see ourselves, and those around us.  And then we learned how to draw the perfect cat eye!  I mean, it's too good!

I was unable to attend the other sessions, Speaking Beauty and Living Beauty, but I will 100% do so in a future series!

I’m thrilled that Rebecca offering the series again, and cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone seeking to learn more about themselves, more about that inner light we call beauty, and more about green beauty products in the process.  Find more information about registering here.

[Editor’s note:  Sometimes life gets in the way of our best intentions.  I meant to post this review ages ago, and now the next Salon Series has already started.  But there’s still time to attend the remaining three sessions!]